About the Service Department

The company's structure includes a service department that services boiler equipment, pump equipment, and automation systems. Within the group of companies in Kharkiv, there is a dedicated production facility that manufactures transportable block-module boiler rooms, pressure boosting pump stations, fire pump stations, transportable individual heating points, and steel water tanks. Additionally, we produce various heating devices.

насосна станція, тепловий пункт, котельня
сервіс котельного обладнання

Service center for boiler pump equipment and water treatment equipment of Aster Company: (050) 402-29-22


We take responsibility for the equipment we supply. We provide warranty and post-warranty maintenance.

Equipment Supply and Delivery

Our own warehouses and transport ensure timely loading and delivery to the site.

Professional Selection

The company structure includes a design department and a team of experienced professional managers.


Production of transportable boiler units


Object equipment supply and delivery


Boiler room engineering


Pressure boosting station manufacturing


Painting radiators to match your design


Manufacturing individual heat points